Pollyanna Lenkic is a trailblazer! She is a coach, mentor, facilitator and speaker, and founder. Pollyanna is a high-performance coach, helping organisations create environments and cultures where people want to be their best, but more importantly, where they can be! The teams and organisations Pollyanna has worked with get a 25% uplift in engagement and performance. She’s been doing this for 20 plus years and she has a really diverse client base. Pollyanna is deeply committed to seeing the gender equity rusty dial blasted and moved!

She’s been educating leaders and CEOs for decades that running yet another confidence-building program for women is not helping women. Pollyanna believes that women need opportunities and programs to help them be their best. Gender equity is her passion and she’s changing the conversation and awareness by teaching men what women need to succeed. At 24, she co-founded a specialist IT consultancy in London, which grew from humble beginnings and had an annual turnover of 11 million pounds. She’s always challenged her fear barriers and she has a love for skydiving. Pollyanna’s motto is, ” Always leave when you’re having a good time!”

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