Pinky McKay is Australia’s greatest asset when it comes to breastfeeding Mums! From starting her career as a nurse, she quickly became fascinated with breastfeeding and after qualifying as a lactation nurse, she set out on her own. Starting with consultations, she built her practice until she was the go-to person for anyone having breastfeeding, or sleeping problems with their new baby. She’s so kind and compassionate that no mother is left feeling unable to cope. “It’s normal,” says Pinky.

But it’s the last ten years that have really established Pinky, both financially and in a business sense. Although she was a published author, had received stacks of publicity and created parenting videos, it was when she created Boobie Bikkies that things really took off. Now, as the CEO of Boobie Foods, and turning over seven figures, Pinky’s foray into products has changed her life and will be an inspiration for any woman who wants to expand. It’s never too late.