8 February @ 12:00 to 1:30 pm

Jane Vandermeer from Finesse Your Style

Elevate your Magnetism

Jane Vandermeer is a multi-award-winning, highly intuitive and innovative thought leader, author, trainer, and speaker and loves sharing knowledge about styling and fashion.

If you are over a ‘certain age’ and confused by modern ‘mature’ fashion messaging, you are far from alone.

On the one hand, we are told to embrace our diverse, ageing selves and on the other, we are told that we are too old. Ditto with our changing bodies.

There have never been more fashion choices, and yet we feel there is nothing for us.

The secret to identifying our style is finding and wearing clothes that speak to our souls and lift our spirits, not just what we have been told suits our bodies.

It can become so exhausting trying to keep up the facade. Learning to love our uniqueness, loving ourselves right now. Reflecting on our inner confidence is the ‘look’ we need to embrace. Making sure that our message is congruent.
Understand the power of showing up as your authentic self.

Levelling up.

  • So you have been in business for a while, and things are moving along nicely, but you are ready to move the business to the next level.
  • Your branding is organised. Things are working well. 
  • That’s where Jane comes in. It is time to elevate you to reflect the level of business that you want to project.
  • To achieve the next level of business.
  • It isn’t that there is anything wrong in particular; it’s just that you are ready to take it up to the next level.
  • You have decided to employ a business coach. Perhaps you have got yourself a VA. You are getting busier & busier. You realise that you are your brand.
  • People are watching you constantly.
  • It’s not that you don’t know. It’s just that you want more.
  • You know enough that it is time to get some help and professional advice, whether in branding, SEO, public speaking or personal presentation.
  • Bringing it up to a level to be the woman you want to be.
  • You are happy to admit that you are ready to elevate your styling to reach the big goals that you have in mind for your business.
  • You look at other business owners’ posts, and they seem to have it all together.
  • Some days you feel like that and other days you don’t.

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