Naomi Lambert is the founder of The Cool To Be Kind Project, an initiative spreading worldwide kindness through very simple small acts of kindness. It all started in the lead up to Christmas 2017 when Naomi noticed a youth knock over an elderly lady without stopping to help or see if she was OK. That was Naomi’s eureka moment and it got her to thinking about how she could spread kindness in the world.

Naomi comes from a place of resilience and love. Having gone through a devastating loss in her life, she had to grieve, find a way to acknowledge the pain and find happiness in everyday life. Naomi overcame the obstacles, changed her mindset and came into the light again.

From a small venture started in 2017 with 50 message cards randomly dropped in public places prompting kindness in those lucky enough to find the cards, The Cool To Be Kind Project has had a massive impact. There was the fellow who gave up a Christmas lunch to take out a homeless man to a nice restaurant for lunch and the 52 week Kindness Challenge with recognition from the likes of Arianna Huffington. Goes to show that a little bit of kindness and effort can go a long way.