Monica Rosenfeld is definitely a woman to admire. She set off to the UK as a young woman and managed to get work in television over there – as a gopher! Absorbing everything she could, she worked on a documentary series that involved travel to all sorts of glamorous countries, before heading back to Australia when her visa expired. Once she got back, she managed to secure a lowly job on A Current Affair where she worked hard to rise to the level of Producer. It was when people were pitching her ideas (badly!) that she saw an opportunity.

Starting off in PR while working full time, she eventually decided to start her own agency and Wordstorm PR was born! She has now had the agency for over 20 years which is a huge accomplishment and has now decided to focus on her professional speaking career and there is no0 doubt she will be a huge success. Monica, with her bright red hair and generous nature, is constantly helping business owners with PR tips and advice, why not take it to the next level?! You will love her indomitable spirit!

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