My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with my good friend and braniac, the amazing Michel Hogan, an independent brand counsel. Michel believes brands are built on the back of the promises you make to your customers (and potential customers), and whether you keep those promises. Michel is an extraordinary intellect and her story starts in Portland, Victoria then heads to the USA where she built up her design agency, through to her return to Australia and her rejection of the marketing industry’s interpretation of what a brand is.

Michel’s insights are fascinating. If your brand is not your logo, or your marketing material, or indeed your product or service, what is it? Well, Michel believes it is a mix of everything you do and say. If you have a great logo or marketing material, it doesn’t mean you have a strong brand. your brand also encompasses your shopping experience, the way you market your business, and the people you employ. Listen as Michel explains how your brand starts with your intentions and your purpose and spreads out from there. This is a cracker of an interview!

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