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Join us for our next Melbourne Lunch

Hosted by Jules Brooke, it’s a fun way to get to know some new women who think as you do.

It’s a #nopressure #noagenda event which means it’s purely social, so you never know who you might meet – and there is always the potential for collaborations and referrals!

These events are always great fun and a good way to build a local network of supportive women in business.

Tuesday, July 26th at 12.30 pm

Where: TBC

When: 12.30 PM |  Tuesday 26th July 2022

Cost (ex GST): $150 for non-members, $125 for She’s The Boss members

What’s included: Drinks on arrival and delicious lunch

“What a fab way to meet so many ‘can do’ gals:)” “What an amazing day! I felt so connected to all of the women and the warmth that came with the support was well received. You said it perfectly today “help women around you. Collaborate, don’t compete”. Music to my ears.”
Anyier Youle

Founder Miss Sahara Pageant and Anyier Youle Model Agency

Meet incredible business women doing extraordinary things in business.

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