Wow! This interview with the amazing Lucy Lloyd is a bit special! Lucy is the co-founder of Mentorloop, which is all about mentor matching, and making mentoring mainstream, and she shares her story about building the business, raising investment and how they coped during COVID with an openness and honesty that you will love.

She came back from the UK after working in digital marketing for many years, and soon after she and her friend, and co-founder, Heidi Holmes had the idea of making mentoring much simpler for people. Lucy was a little reluctant at first but Heidi encouraged her to give it a go, so they created a strategy, built a SaaS platform and went to market. the premise for Mentorloop is simple, people can register as mentors or mentees, and find their perfect match online. The software then keeps the relationship accountable for each mentor-mentee partnership with scheduling, reminders and more. Mainly aimed at corporates and big business, it has been a huge success to date.

They have done two cap raises for the business. One for $250K to get them started, and then a further raise of $750K to allow them to scale. She is very funny where she describes how they started off with big hopes for one or two investors, and ended up with 14 – all of whom they adore – many of whom invested less than they had initially thought they would allow.

With 8 aunts on her monther’s side, she has had some amazing role models and mentors of her own on her journey. You are SO going to love Lucy’s interview!

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