Louise Larkin is founder of Friend in Me, a company that creates all-inclusive parties so that all children can be involved. The concept has been created to ensure ‘no child gets left behind’ and Louise is a woman who gets stuff done!

Following a career in event management for Crown, and after having a ‘lightbulb moment’ on the way to work one day, Louise has stopped at nothing to help thousands of little kids have fun on their birthdays and be invited to the humongous parties she puts on. She wants kids to feel comfortable to embrace their uniqueness and, with the amazing events she puts on, they have the perfect opportunity to do so.

Louise keeps it real and talks about how she was at such ease with her decision to start her business that she felt as if a weight lifted once she concentrated on it full time after leaving her corporate career. You will love her sense of humour, her stories of kindness and she is a woman to be totally admired as she is also juggling a young family at the same time. She credits her success to persistence, online networking and surrounding herself with supportive people.