Lisa Teh is my guest for the latest She’s The Boss Chats podcast, and what a woman she is! Lisa is the Founder of CODI Agency (Digital Marketing) and the Co-Founder of (connecting Business & Mind Mentors with Mentees). As Lisa and I chatted about her career and how it has evolved we found so many things in common. It made it lots of fun.

Lisa is not a woman that likes sitting still! She started CODI Agency to focus on offering digital marketing services, particularly with social media and influencers, to business owners and brands that weren’t taking advantage of the technology. This led to her answering a post from Nick Bell, himself a successful entrepreneur, she was looking to invest in agencies. When you hear Lisa’s story of not giving up, even when Nick said he wasn’t interested, and turning it into a friendship that led to a business partnership. you’ll be inspired.

Lisnic is their latest venture and it will combine entrepreneurial advice from mentees along with mental health experts to offer a fully rounded service to people in the business. A holistic approach that is bound for success. You will enjoy this interview. Lisa is really dynamic and fun!

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