Kylie Bartlett is amazing! Her business, The Digital Talent Group is just the latest in a long string of businesses she has started – the first one being an RTO that she sold in her early 20’s. She then became a speaker and has spoken at conferences and events all over the world, focusing on social media for businesses. Her book, Friends with Benefits, all about Facebook marketing was the impetus for the speaking gigs.

In 2019 Kylie decided to go back to what she loves, and set up The Digital Talent Group as a way of giving back. The idea is that they train unemployed ang young people in social media marketing, putting them through a course that gives them a fully recognised accreditation. then they employ them to work on people’s small businesses. Brilliant! COVID-19 threw a curve ball though, just as they were pitching to VS’s for funding!

In this episode Jules and Kylie talk about her entrepreneurial journey from dropping out of school to where she is today, what she has learned along the way and where she hopes to take the business. Jules and Kylie have known echother for many years so there is a lovely familiarity in their conversation.