Kristy’s story is not your average one so hold on tight for this woman’s amazing journey. Kristy was born into one of the ‘rougher’ suburbs of Melbourne, to a father who was a career criminal, constantly in and out of jail, and a drug dealing mother. Kristy was super talented at running and was working with Debbie Flintoff-King towards the 2000 Olympics, when at the age of 15 she was told that she would never be able to run professionally again. This had been her goal and focus for so many years, so when it was taken away halfway through year 10, she dropped out of school and took to drugs and alcohol with her best friend. What was the point of going on if her dreams had been snatched away?

Then, after 18 months she suf=ddenly ‘came to’ and went back to school, funding her school years herself. She ended up at a selective school (for bright students) and finished year 12 determined to become a travel agent, which she now is.

Kristy’s story is filled with obstacles (eight miscarriages, cancer, Crohns Disease) but she continues to pick herself up and keep going. She is now Australia’s only certified Autism-friendly travel agent, she has won a host of awards (and is a finalist for many more) and she is such a positive woman, you wouldn’t believe what she has gone through to get here. You will LOVE Kristy!

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