Wow! My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with Katy Barfield, an amazing woman making a difference in the world. We all know about the amount of food that gets wasted in the world, and that there are lots of fantastic initiatives to share that food with people in need, but it doesn’t really solve the problem. Did you realise that 1/3 of most food produced, doesn’t get used? Katy was determined to make a difference, and to ensure that the farmers and people that are producing the food, get paid.

Starting off her career as an actor, Katy’s career has had lots of twists and turns! Yume Foods came about as a direct result of the volunteering Katy had been doing. She helped raise the funds for a 1000 bed hospital for the women in Afghanistan that were starving due to the laws created by the Taliban, and that is when she realised that individuals really could make a difference. The idea for Yume Foods came one day after she saw a chef in her own bar throwing out food that hadn’t been opened and was still in its packaging, but wouldn’t last the weekend. Katy talks about the ups and downs of growing a company, managing a board, the importance of having someone that supports your vision – and what has happened as a result of the pandemic. Listen to this episode and you will be spellbound.