This episode of She’s The Boss Chats is with Katrina McCarter, known for her books and expertise in Marketing for Mums, but she has also built all her businesses through partnerships and helping business owners understand how to harness this is going to be her focus for the next few years. Wait til your hear the story of Katrina’s entrepreneurial journey. Starting from a young age with a single Mum and two beloved aunts who helped bring her up, Katrina was taught the art of budgeting and saving from primary school where she had to present her budget every term to her Mum. Once it had been approved, she was given the money and had to manage it for all her expenses including uniforms, camps and treats. What a great foundation for business!

Katrina’s first business was the daily deal site for Mums, Bubbler deals. In that business she grew her customer database to 150,000 before selling and moving into the Marketing

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