Jodie Harrison is an extraordinary woman! Growing up in Australia, she headed off to America at a young age. She met her first husband Peter Carrette in Sydney who was a photographer and the two of them set up Icon Images. Prior to the paparazzi phenomenon, Jodie and Peter supplied stories and images to media globally. Jodie mentions that it was actually her and Peter who introduced Angelina Jolie to Cambodia, where she adopted her first child, Maddox. Jodie spent many, many years taking celebrities to third-world countries and highlighting situations around the world where people needed help.

After Peter died, Jodie started to work with brands to help them with PR and, marketing, and because she had such a fabulous network she was brilliant at it! These days she is a partner at The Shannon Company, an agency that works with purpose-driven brands to affect behavioural change and during the Pandemic she led COVID communications for the Victorian Government. These days she is working with Julian Assange’s team to raise awareness of his situation and hopefully get him out of jail. Freedom of speech is just one of the causes Jodie is passionate about. This is a fascinating insight into an amazing woman. You won’t want to miss it!

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