JJ Ferrari is the founder of Go Bold, a business that makes it really easy for small and medium enterprises to find legitimate experts in a range of fields. After an illustrious sales career in the USA, JJ moved to Australia to be CEO of the Anthony Robbins organisation here. Her breadth of knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and experience planted the seed for a new business opportunity – enter Go Bold.

Many years ago JJ was John. Her transition journey and her drive to help others make her a fantastic guest. She is very generous with her stories, (you should see her TEDX talk) and she has used her experience to apply the concept of change and how to manage it, to all aspects of business. You should also hear her quirky fact about problem solving!

Growing up, the most powerful people in her life were women. Women, who were at home, solving problems, looking after everyone, taking care of everything, and taking it all in their stride. From a young age she saw women as powerful people and experts in our ‘internal arts’, and strongly believes that women need to help other women. JJ also believes that whomever you are is who you attract, and that to be open to success, you need to be flexible to your intuition and let the world bring the answers.