Heidi Dugan is by no means your usual television celebrity! Growing up in Australia in a family that valued self-improvement, she knew intimately the advice and encouragement of every well-known self-improvement expert from Tony Robbins to Wayne Dyer and everyone in between. As a university student, she signed up for a program to learn to teach English as a Second Language in China, which led to her being in a TV studio twenty years ago, on the day they decided it was time to have China’s first foreign-born host. Heidi got the gig.

Since then she has hosted a daily show called ‘You Are The Chef’ with over 6 million viewers per episode! She is fluent in Chinese and has a Chinese husband, and is dearly loved by millions. These days, Heidi has added another string to her bow by working with Australian lifestyle brands that want to access the Chinese market. Her endorsement can make the difference in whether a brand will sink or swim, and she loves introducing new products into the Chinese market as she knows it so intimately. You will love Heidi and not only what she has achieved in the past, but also what she is doing now for Aussie brands.

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