Hazel Herrington is one of the world’s leading marketing and personal branding experts. She is a celebrity interviewer who has worked with and met with a list of celebrities, global leaders, politicians and billionaires. She has interviewed celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Quincy Jones. Hazel is also the founder of Herrington Publications Worldwide. Herrington Publications empower women to build powerful global brands. Hazel had a desire and a purpose to help women, after seeing them struggle financially, whilst growing up in Zimbabwe.

She decided she was going to do something about it, in order to make them economically independent. Hazel has experienced many life struggles and these struggles have motivated her to become a leader. She’s had wealth, travelled the world and has met numerous celebrities but this doesn’t drive or define Hazel. She has a purpose, she has a destiny and she just wants to be happy, have loving people around her and earn an honest living. Hazel is the definition of integrity!

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