Join us for the She’s The Boss Gold Coast Lunch

Woo hoo! We are excited to be hosting our first post-lockdown lunch on the Gold Coast

It’s a #nopressure #noagenda event which means it’s purely social, so you never know who you might meet – and there is always the potential for collaborations and referrals!

These events are always great fun and  good way to build a local network of supportive women in business.

Join us on Thursday, July 7th at 12.30pm

Where: The Champagne Bar, Miami Marketta

When: 12.30PM |Thursday 7th July 2022

Cost: $150 for non-members, $125 for She’s The Boss members

What’s included: Bubbles and lunch

Holy Cow! What an incredible group of women! I have never been in a group like that before and am on such a high. To be part of a group of women who are real, smart, supporting and ambitious… and real. Today was just fabulous.”
Dalya Shaw


Don't be shy!

We will help you meet some amazing women that will get you all fired up and excited about your business.

These events are for us all to lift the women up around us. Inspire, be supportive and generous and you will be surprised what you will get back. They are casual, fun and no pressure. Just enjoy!

Hope to see you there.

Meet incredible business women from around the world

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