26 July @ 12:00 to 1:30 pm

Debra Carroll from Mansal Capital Finance

Closing the Deal

Whilst my core business is finance, an increasing number of clients are coming to rectify a deal gone sideways, or seek funding for a great Start-up that has stalled.

Most people naively obtain legal or finance advice – not realising that most lawyers and accountants cannot guide you through negotiating or closing a deal. They are knowledgeable in their area of expertise; they are not knowledgeable in strategy or deal closing.

I learnt this the hard way through my divorce!

Processionals have to be briefed correctly, with a full understanding of the strategy to get the desired outcome. This critical step is often missed due to the clients belief that they cover off this requirement – they don’t!

The result I see time and time again is that despite having sought relevant professional advice, the deal is stuck – or worse, the client has been severely disadvantaged. I then have to unscramble an omelette, formulate the strategy – properly brief the relevant professionals and negotiate hard to achieve the desired outcome.

It is far more expensive in both time and money to clean up the mess than positioning yourself correctly in the first place. It is this critical step that I am advising clients with.

At Mansal, we work with our clients to ensure a complete understanding of the desired outcome, formulate the pathway forward – complete with briefing the relevant professionals and work with them to keep the deal on point and moving forward. In essence, we project manage the process.

The results are vastly decreased professional costs and a much higher desired outcome rate.

In regards to Start up or project funding, our relationships over multiple industries often enable us the get the right people to the table. A lot of great ideas walk in our door that are conceptually fundable. If they excite us – we know they will excite VC.

It is from our Banking and Private Investment experience we understand what points of the deal need to be locked down with documented relationships and processes. We understand what investors will require so we work with the Founder to ensure their pitch is backed up with the required substance. This places the Founder in a stronger position to negotiate equity positions – a continuing problem in VC as many Founders have been diluted out of their own Companies. Critically this also protects the Founder from throwing out a great concept that can be copied and implemented by someone who better understands the process.

We know what make a deal fundable – the nuts and bolts that are required to both protect your position – and turn your vision into reality.

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