Emma is extraordinary. Coming from a family that thrived on innovation and entrepreneurship, she grew up helping her parents with their magazines, with the expectation that she would continue. But Emma wanted to go out on her own. In this interview, she takes us through the various incarnations of her career before the pandemic – which includes running a directory and an events company. While many people didn’t do much during the lockdowns, Emma isn’t one of those people! She and her husband, as foster parents themselves, realised there was a huge gap when it comes to preserving memories for foster children, many of whom can move around up to 20 times before they are 18.

The launch of CaringLife has gone incredibly well and they have now launched in the UK and the USA as well as Australia. Emma also launched Plezed.com which is a digital platform that is addressing the fact that from next year, no one will be able to use cookies on their websites, therefore they won’t get the same insights into their customers’ behaviour. Plezed will allow organisations to speak directly with their customers to ask them for their preferences. It is a game-changer! This woman is totally inspiring and you will love this episode!

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