Diana is an extraordinary force of nature! The day of the interview she had just been named Overall Asian Australian Top 40 Under 40 Influencer 2021, which is just one of the many accomplishments she had under her belt.

And who has over 75k+ connections on LinkedIn when they are in the entertainment game? Diana doesn’t do things by the books!

This extraordinary woman, named after Princess Diana, is the daughter of a woman who escaped Vietnam after the war and came to Australia for a better life. Oh boy are we lucky she did!

Diana is an actor with a twist. She decided to become a comedian to get more work and she now hosts two live LinkedIn shows, The Snortcast (she’s a snorter!) and The Laugh Off. She also has a reputation for dancing and being joyful (or as she calls it, being a Joy Fool!) and for her Phi and Me Show.

There is so much packed into this interview. You’ll love Diana!

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