Wow! Talk about resilience! Wait till you hear Cheree’s story. After growing up in Queensland with, as she puts it, a ‘dysfunctional family’, and a father that was an alcoholic due to being one of the Stolen Generation, Cheree left home at 16 with a suitcase and $20, to follow her boyfriend. By the time she was 24, she had 4 kids. Her own marriage wasn’t happy either and she was 36 before her kids had grown up and she decided to qualify as a teacher. She eventually left her husband but once she became a grandmother, she again had a full-time role looking after 5 of them when their mother was unable to.

Fast forward to today and she is the owner of her own Gallery in Trundle, regional NSW. After chasing her dream of being an artist, she secured a role as Artist in Residence at Uluru and that’s when things really started to take off. The tourists in the region LOVED her work and wanted to visit her studio, but she was painting in a tiny house, where the double bed was the biggest space so she painted on the bed. Not a great place to bring visitors! Eventually, she secured a brilliant place in the tiny town and now she happily invites guests to come and watch her paint and touch her work. her paintings have healing dots and are meant to be touched.

Cheree’s is a brilliant storyteller and you will admire her resilience and tenacity in the face of huge obstacles and challenges. She’s an amazing woman!

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