Chamaine is the co-Founder of Gin Birds and is a total inspiration. Her business has definitely benefitted from COVID-19 and the lockdown. It’s always inspiring to hear of businesses flourishing during this period. Chamaine moved to Australia seven years ago as a qualified health professional with many years of experience in corporate and nursing under her belt. but she has always been an ideas person!

After meeting her business partner at school drop off, they decided to run events around wine and started a business liaising with the wine producers in the Hunter Valley. Then COVID and the iso period struck and so in person events were off the menu. Then they decided to apply the same ideas to gin – but hold them online. She is now running (as a side hustle), The Gin Birds which is a subscription gin business, The Gindex, which is an index of all of Australia’s great gins with notes and the ability to buy and a gin blog that has been voted one of the top 5 in the world!

Chamaine is juggling a leadership role in corporate, the Gin Birds business, her 3 adult children, her 8 year old son and a hubby with a sore back. Listen to this episode if you want to be motivated – or you love gin!!