Catherine Cervasio, the founder of Aromababy, and Jules sat down together, in real life (!) to do this podcast chat and it was amazing! Catherine’s brand is iconic for mothers, especially those with skin conditions, and her 26-year old business now exports to over 12 countries. But when Catherine started, no one had heard of natural skincare or organic products. Everything was synthetic. She had to start from scratch and really created a whole new retail sector around skincare products for Mums and babies.

Catherine grew up in a raucous Italian family and, of course, had a huge love of food and cooking which she still has! She started working part-time at 12 and left school at 15, eager to get out and start her career. from secretarial college, she soon moved into skincare, particularly for iconic women’s fashion brands such as Sportsgirl, Portmans and Witchery. It was while working in this sector, and soon after she became pregnant with her first child, that she started Aromababy.

The interview is filled with wonderful stories of Catherine’s trials and tribulations, successes and celebrations, you will love it! Watch out for her story about how a copycat brand almost sent her business under, and how she recovered and grew the business to where it is today, pretty much single-handedly.

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