Mireille Toulekima – Founder of MT Energy and global consultant in Oil and Gas investment

My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with the amazing Mireille Toulekima – Founder of MT Energy and global consultant in Oil and Gas investment. Mireille is forging a path for women in the oil and gas industry and her story is fantastic! Born in Gambon, Mireille started her career with Shell in Africa, where she learned all about the industry. Her work since then has taken her to many different countries including the Netherlands, South Africa and Malaysia before she and her family came to Australia. She initially worked with Woodside/Santos and then she set up her own consulting business, MT Energy resources. She also founded the Energy Angels Project in Uganda and STEM Queens to encourage other women into the industry. When Mireille talks about her first visit to an oil rig as the only woman there, you understand how pioneering she is! She is also an Ambassador forFemale Wave of Change (Asia Pacific) and the co-lead for the Women’s Economic Imperative (WEI) and much more. You’re going to love Mireille.

Judy Sahay – Founder and CEO of Crowd Media

Wow! My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with Judy Sahay – Founder and CEO of Crowd Media. Judy’s story will have you gripped from the beginning. Growing up as one of 3 daughters in a Sri Lankan family, Judy’s father was passionate about making sure his girls had a great education and that they would either end up a Doctor or a Lawyer. As children he would make them watch the news, prepare a report and present it to him. He encouraged them to study hard, and strive for excellence. Lessons Judy has taken to heart as she builds her business.

Listen to hear how Judy completely blagged her way into winning her first client (you will LOVE what she did!), how her agency nearly died when they took their eye off customer service and focused soley on growth, what she learned from that and how it has made a huge difference to her business going forward. If you want to feel energised and inspired, this interview will do it for you!

Tamar Hela – Co-Founder of Genius Encel agency in Shanghai, LinkedIn expert

What a woman! My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with Tamar Hela, Co-Founder of Genius Encel agency in Shanghai, and Co-President of LinkedIn Local Asia. Tamar is an entrepreneur through and through! As a Californian native, her career lead her to a few different roles, including academia, before she made a huge leap to end up in Shanghai as a co-founder of her own company, Genius Encel which specialises in helping big businesses navigate LinkedIn for profile building and lead generation. After finishing school, Tamar contracted a virus that affected her for a few years before she decided she wanted to do something different. She wanted to build a big business of her own and when she got the unexpected opportunity to travel with her work, she jumped at the chance. Her trip to Shanghai was equally as sudden and she describes arriving with 2 suitcases and very little money and no real idea of what she would do. That was followed quickly by meeting her business partner, who is French, and off they went to establish the biggest digital agency in Shanghai. She’s amazing!

Sarah Prime – Founder of The Champions Academy

My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with Sarah Prime, Rural Woman of the Year and Founder of The Champions Academy. Sarah is determined to bring life back to rural towns, and she’s doing it! She started the Champions Academy a few years ago and teaches people in rural towns how to rejuvenate the community with sports and volunteering. This all came about in an extraordinary way, because Sarah was climbing the corporate ladder nd had passed through the glass ceiling before it all became too much. To recover from her stressful life she decided to move back from Cairns to the tiny South Australian town she had grown up in. Just for a month.

She is now married with children, has been voted Rural Women of the Year, is Telstra Womens Business Award Winner, Westpac Social Change Fellow and she’s shaking up rural Australia and showing us a new way to build our next generation of rural leaders.

Jacqui Bloom – Founder of The Helping Hub

My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with the incredible, inspiring Jacqui Bloom, Founder of The Helpers Hub. Jacqui started off her life working in the family fabric business and thought her future had been mapped out for her (to an extent). As one of three daughters, when her sisters chose other careers, it was left to her to take over where her parents left off, and so she joined the family business, and took it over eventually, running it for 10 years before she decided it was time to try something different.

Reeling from the terminal diagnosis for her beloved Mum, a lot of things in Jacqui’s world imploded at the same time, including her marriage, and she was heavily reliant on the help offered by friends and family. That gave her an idea for a business when everything settled down again. The Helping Hub is for people who want to help their friends with something other than flowers! People can purchase ‘useful’, helpful gifts like cleaning services, or babysitting instead. It’s going to be really exciting to watch Jacqui’s business ‘bloom’ (couldn’t help it!) over the next few months.

Miriam Sankuhler – Real Estate Buyers Advocate and Franchisor

My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with Miriam Sankuhler, a Real Estate Buyers Advocate and Franchisor. Miriam’s story is really fascinating.

Miriam had a fierce desire to find stability after a difficult childhood and ended up buying her first home at 24. Since then she has become heavily involved in the property industry and now wants to help home buyers everywhere avoid paying too much or making mistakes with their purchases. Miriam’s story of physical breakdown thst lead her to adjust her life is a common tale. Her mission now is to help buyers and expand her business into a national franchise.

Keep an eye out at the end for her quirky fact. She was one of the ‘singles’ on Perfect Match back in the day!! She talks about her chaperoned ‘romantic getaway’ in Launceston and how she recently touched base with her ‘date’ after 20 years!