My guest for the latest She’s The Boss Chats podcast is really making a difference. Carolyn Butler-Madden is the author of Path To Purpose and Founder of The Cause-Effect, a marketing consultancy that specialises in social purpose brand strategies. With a 30 year career in Advertising land, Carolyn felt that brands were losing their way, and research showed that people wouldn’t care if 74% of the brands they used disappeared. But if that brand is associated with social good, and has a purpose, people re far more inclined to show brand loyalty, and to help spread the word. Who wouldn’t want that!

Carolyn is such a fun person! Our conversation started with her ending high school in the UK and loving it so much, she returned as soon as she could. Carolyn LOVED her time over there and was supported by some fantastic women who elevated her to support her career, so she stayed for ten years with the one agency. Almost unheard of but it is a testament to the great culture of the company she worked with.

Once back in Australia, and having seen the incredibly positive results that came from a campaign that was linked with social purpose, she was hooked. It was time to help Aussie brands to have more meaning for their customers.

Carolyn is such a lovely women with a serious message, this interview will definitely inspire you.

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