Brownyn Reid is passionate about helping small businesses navigate the procurement process to work with big businesses. And she has walked the walk first! after meeting her hubby at uni, Bronwyn was lucky to travel for the first few years of her married life, living in the Solomon Islands, Swaziland and more before returning to Australia when their first child was born.

Having grown up in inland regional Australia (Emerald in Queensland), Bronwyn and her husband Ian started an environmental consultancy and research business and then started to interact with the really big mining companies like BHP. It was this experience, coupled with a constant stream of questions from other business owners, that planted the seed for Small Company, Big Business to be born. She would consult with companies to help them win the big contracts that would change their businesses. In fact, she loves it so much that her next book, Small Business, Big Crisis is about to launch and it complements the first book. Bronwyn is also a huge advocate for regional Australian businesses and encouraging business leaders to step into the spotlight. You will love her!

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