Bron Williams is the Bias Specialist and as the Bias Specialist, she works in the area of unconscious bias. She’s a keynote speaker and a writer. Bron wrote a book last year and anticipates launching it later this year. The book is called, What’s Your Water. Bias is simply part of the way we think and Bron’s goal is to normalize the conversation about bias to take away any stigma, guilt or judgment.

Working with asylum seekers on the Pacific island of Nauru shook Bron. She went there voluntarily when she was a Salvation Army Minister and she’d rarely mixed with anybody who didn’t look or think like her and somewhere along the line, she learned that difference was a threat. Realizing her own unconscious bias, which lay latent through her conservative background growing up in white Australia, Bron had an “aha” moment. Rather than aiming to eliminate unconscious bias, she knows we are better served accepting that we are the result of our environment and inherently biased.

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