Bianca is an extraordinary entrepreneur, journalist, and founder of Financy, an online women’s money publication, as well as the founder of The Financy Women’s Index. Bianca calls Financy an equality platform and it was born out of a women’s money blog many years ago, whilst she was working at The Financial Review as a journalist. It dawned on her that she loved to write about issues affecting women with finance. It initially started as a hobby but grew into something bigger because of her passion about women’s financial empowerment. Bianca has been writing about women and money for approximately eight years now.

Financy is a passionate movement that’s dedicated to improving the economic wellbeing of women. It is a platform that publishes a variety of content that is all about supporting the financial progress of women. Critical to the platform is the Financy Women’s Index, which was launched on Women’s International Day in 2017. It’s a measurement to help women achieve financial equality across about eight critical areas. Bianca is passionate about reversing the gender pay gap, inequality, and homelessness among women. She became inspired to take action to make it better for women and created Financy while on maternity leave with her second daughter after the realization that she wanted to do more to help young girls and women of all ages become better educated and inspired about money and building their own wealth.

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