Beverley Honig is the founder of Honeylight Enterprises, a business she has built over the last 25 years across a number of industries. With an extensive law background, including a judgeship with the ESC and time as a multilingual, inter-continental lawyer, and vast experience as an accomplished business director with an MBA, Beverley is a fine example of what happens with a positive mindset and open mindedness. Opportunities do indeed come along.

Utilising her law expertise, Beverley ventured into the world of shopping centre redevelopment for the likes of Coles Myer and managed the largest shopping centre portfolios at the time. Then came the birth of Honeylight Enterprises, bringing together Beverley’s specific way of thinking as a lawyer and strategic management theories to help businesses with improvements in the areas of growth, profitability, processes, product innovation and culture.

Today, Honeylight Enterprises has expanded into commercial developments in upcycling shipping containers, block chain for indigeneous cultural intellectual property and the exciting ‘TV talking machine’ for the aged care industry.

Beverley has built an empire and mentions that a large part of that success is attributed to being able to know when to delegate to specialists, and extending herself and learning the hard stuff. Beverley loves what she does and talks about the idea of ‘success in progress’. It’s about continuous learning and not having regrets as there’s always an upside; ‘there’s a reason for everything and it’s usually in your favour if you see the light’.