Anusha is an amazing woman and is brilliant in every capacity. She works for a Global SAS organization called Fresh Works. Fresh Works helps businesses transform the way they reach and support their customers and employees, making this journey absolutely delightful and easy. Anusha has been doing this since 2011 but has been in the business strategy and sales world for 20 years. Growing up in India, Anusha is one of three daughters, and both her parents were professors in English Literature. Her father also comes from royalty. Anusha’s grandparents and parents were huge supporters of education and started their own school. This is where Anusha began her schooling.

She had lots of pressure from her parents to study medicine so she completed a Biomedical degree before moving to Melbourne from India. In fact, she, just like her parents is highly educated and she also has an MBA in Business Administration and also achieved her Honours in Biomedical Science. But it was when she received her MBA in Business Administration that she knew this was the path she wanted to take in life. As passionate as Anusha is about her work, she also loves to go snorkeling. The ocean gives her a sense of satisfaction and relaxation and she is excited about all that lives below the water. Anusha would be a brilliant entrepreneur and this is on her radar and where she wants to land. She is definitely purpose-driven!

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