My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with the amazing, inspiring Annette Densham. Writer, author, PR, Co-Founder of Obsessed Hub, Co-Founder of The Audacious Agency…the list goes on! Annette is always a pleasure to chat to, and she doesn’t disappoint in this episode as we talk about women and awards, why she is so passionate about it and the difference it can make to your profile and your business if you win one.

From a nomadic start in life, Annette realised early on that she loved to write and to tell stories. She loved the idea of journalism as soon as she first heard of it and she went on to work in newspapers. She moved to Sydney to work for News Corp and she has a great story to tell of her court case against the media giant. Her career took her in all sorts of different directions, from libraries to disability care before she landed on PR (she was known as the Publicity Genie) and then on to helping women win business awards with the Audacious Agency.

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