Anne Miles is the founder of Suits & Sneakers, an international creative services company, but she has done sooo much more! As a female founder she is constantly juggling clients, the work she needs to do on the business in terms of strategy, and the implementation. Luckily she has a super strong work ethic – which you will hear about in the interview.

In this interview Anne explains that she felt moved to go out on her own after suffering from bullying, ageism and sexism in the workplace for many years. As one of the brightest young women in the advertising and creative industries in her early career, she went on to hold very senior roles in a number of big name agencies – and corporate businesses – until she started being discriminated against.

Turning the negative into a positive, she decided to help other amazing creatives who were looking for projects to work on, or even employment. She had a number of challenges in the process of setting up her business but has managed to get around all of them.