Ainslee Hooper is a woman on a mission! As the founder of Ainslee Hooper Consulting, Ainsley works with organisations to assess and remove any hidden (or not so hidden) barriers that may exclude people that identify as disabled. She is also currently undertaking a PhD where she is looking at the effects COVID had on the disabled identity.

Ainslee was born in Geelong, Victoria with a disability that made life very difficult for her at school where she was bullied and made to feel ‘less than’. Then she went looking for a job. Her story of how she got her first job will shock you as she was treated like her intellect was impaired rather than her physical challenges, and things didn’t get much better over the next 20 years while she worked for government organisation and was relentlessly bullied and picked on. Then she left and started her own consulting business and now there is no looking back!

Ainslee’s story is inspiring and frustrating as you hear what she has had to go through in her life. But this woman has so much to give. It’s an interview you won’t want to miss.

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