Putting the spotlight on female founders and women doing extraordinary things in business

Our mission is to ‘normalise’ the idea of women in powerful business roles, to motivate women to go into business for themselves with confidence and provide positive role models for the next generation. We support and connect successful female founders and provide a positive, uplifting network.

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TV Shows

Interviews with inspiring women making change happen. These women are truly inspiring and generous with their stories. You’ll be hooked!  


Each episode is an interview with a female founder about their entrepreneurial journey and what they have learned along the way. Be prepared to be inspired!

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Our members are our ‘secret sauce’. They are women on a mission to make change happen, to disrupt industries and to change the way things are done. Women who want to have an impact on the world. We want to help spread the word so that every woman who feels like they can make a difference, is encouraged and empowered to do so.

Inspiring, motivating and uplifting female founders

There are gazillions of amazing women doing extraordinary things in business. We just don’t hear about them in the mainstream media. She’s The Boss is putting the spotlight firmly on these women and celebrating the disruptive, innovative things they are doing.

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She’s The Boss is tapping into a movement

There is a worldwide shift towards female empowerment. It’s our time to shine. I don’t want to wait for things to change in the old media playground, so I am starting a new one. One where successful businesswomen will be front and center. Come and join me and a group of amazing women as we change the world!

Between us, we can reach millions of women

Jules is tapping into one of the most powerful movements in the world, the one that has the potential to change all our lives for the better. This movement has been called the rise of the feminine, the evolution of the cooperative approach to life and a raising of consciousness.
Jules is grasping this vision and driving it forward in a powerful and effective way. The sort of change that starts with the individual and can spread around the world
Lora Starling

Founder, Starling Design

“ I have been absolutely blown away by the women in this group. All the women in the group are so remarkable. They are the most incredible, humble, supportive, inspiring, motivated, all of them are generous with time and knowledge and connections. Every single one of them lifts each other up and there are no ego’s and this is selflessness working in true form. It’s quite remarkable and I have never witnessed a group like this before and I have been to many networking group sessions in my 37-years of working!”
Sandy Lutersz

Co-Founder, Mindfit